True North Solutions

About Us

Our Team We all go through hard times. That’s life. But sometimes, those hard times can become too difficult to handle on our own. Sometimes we need someone to walk with us – someone with an ear to listen and guidance for the road ahead: someone who can offer help when we aren’t sure how to help ourselves. For all those times, there’s True North Solutions.

True North Solutions is an outpatient mental health and substance abuse counseling center that exists to help our clients meet their goals and achieve long-term psychological wellness.

Find your way, with True North Solutions.

Our Approach

Because we realize that each person is unique, we never take a "one-size-fits-all" approach to our care. Every session and treatment plan is created especially for the individual. Our services are fully integrated, to combine proven therapeutic strategies in counseling.

True North Solutions understands the importance of caring for each person who walks through our doors. From the receptionist to the counselor and every step in between, we work to ensure our clients feel welcome, safe and accepted. We have been providing services in the Peoria area for more than 20 years and were formerly known as Behavioral Health Advantages in partnership with Human Service Center.